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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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we begin with breaking news about a police involved shooting in northeast washington. we just learned the unidentified bit comes officer shot and killed was carrying a bb gun. it happened i clay terrace near 53rd street about 2:00 this morning. they say the unidentified suspect last what police
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thought was a weapon and approach them so he shot him. thanks for joining us and i'm andrea roane. what started out as fun turn to tragedy in a nightclub in northwest. dc police say 2 men were stabbed that barcode restaurant just before midnight. mikea turner at the scene where police spent hours investigating.>> reporter: dc police say they recently retrieved video from inside the club last night when this went down and they will check out surveillance from other area businesses to figure out how and why this happened. >> it's a terrible situation. >> reporter: like so many others on the way to work on 17th and l street raymond hulbert's close by was surprised when he saw this. barcode restaurant and lounge transformed into a crime scene. >> i don't understand these clubs now.
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>> reporter: police say 2 men were stabbed around 11:40 last night and they believe the incident stemmed from an altercation inside the club. both victims taken to a hospital and one later died. what do you think about the ordeal? >> pretty heaviest and to be happening downtown is something to be concerned about. >> reporter: everything in place like traits and toppled chairs police spent hours on the scene investigating. road closures in effect until police was done. times are not like they used to be. >> it's not like it used to be. >> sadly it doesn't surprise me. it should surprise and shock me every time. >> reporter: mikea turner wusa9. >> police have not released information on possible suspects and that bar was in the news earlier because it was the place where a man jumped the curb and hit people with his car on new year's eve and charged with dui. the latest on the case of the missing 13-year-old who
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turned up data blacksburg, virginia. both virginia tech students accused of abducting and accused of killing the cole hubble faced the judge where they entered no plea.>> reporter: we are taking a close look at the arrest warrants and says no gun was used to commit the crime and when david eisenhauer was arrested he told police i believe the truth can set me free. >> i think you never get over something like this. >> reporter: a community shaken and confused by a horrific crime against a 13-year-old girl. 2 promising college students abducted, murdered, and that dumped the body of nicole lovell. >> you don't have to know them just to feel for the family. your heart goes out to them. >> reporter: police arrested natalie keepers of laurel and freshman track star david eisenhauer of columbia. detectives say david eisenhauer use the relationship with the young girl to take advantage of
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her. >> it's hard to understand those things. i worked with the young man personally. >> reporter: the girl's body found in north carolina saturday three days after her families reported her missing and suspecting she jumped out of her bedroom window after blocking the door. >> nicole if you are out there come to me. i'm not mad at you. i'm worried about you. your family is worried about you. >> reporter: of final facebook plea from his/her father after she disappeared with a man she met online. the 13-year-old just joined a teenage dating website. >> investigators continuing to search the virginia tech campus for evidence. the pair are being held without bond. dc police need help finding a missing teenage girl, 11-year- old destiny amari haney lasting thursday near the intersection of alabama avenue and fifth street near an ihop and giant
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grocery store. she was wearing a blue jacket, or in short and camouflage pants. if you have information on the whereabouts called dc police. the hunt on the montgomery county for a hit and run driver. police say a car grazed the woman, made her fall and she struck her head on the pavement. it happened that monroe place in munro street in rockville during the morning commute. the woman is expected to survive and police looking for a dark suv. time for campaigning in iowa is almost over. tonight people there kicked off the presidential nominating process with caucuses. garrett haake and urbandale iowa with more. >> reporter: the time for debate and speeches has come to an end in iowa and this is what it comes down to. nitty-gritty of turning out votes on caucus night. we are at ted cruz campaign headquarters and urbandale iowa where he has one of the biggest armies of volunteers and supporters from all over the country making phone calls, knocking on doors, and doing everything they can to turn
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people who are showing up at events into people who show up at caucus sites tonight and cast their vote for the texas senator. iowa in 2012, rick santorum won by 34 votes. if you get lost on the way to the caucus site or run out of gas it can be the difference between victory and defeat and no one knows about the donald trump voters. are they going to show up? at ted cruz headquarters they are not taking a chance. they are doing everything they can to make sure people show up what could be the biggest turnup night in iowa caucus history. in urbandale i'm garrett haake wusa9.>> for the latest on campaign 2016 anytime just download our free wusa9 app. a former maryland judge charged with violating a defendant civil rights. media partners at the washington post a form of charles county circuit judge robert malley accused of ordering a sheriff's deputy to taser a man in his courtroom.
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the man was representing himself in a firearms case when the judge ordered him to stop talking. when he refused the judge ordered the electric shock. crews in montgomery county working to repair 2 water main breaks and silver springs. the first break is on university boulevard between piney branch road in carroll avenue. customers near the brake still have running water but roughly 22 customers without water after another water main break on georgia avenue near bonifant street. crews working to have both water mains fixed in time for the evening commute. and public hearings being held this week on preliminary budget proposals for 2017. a public hearing takes place at the building on mccormick drive in largo maryland at 7:30. the proposed budget available for viewing on the wssc's website.
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up next at noon the united nations unveils suggestions how the u. s. should tackle its history of racism. also i had a new study shows up playing video games can bring families closer. and speaking of game six days away from
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today is the 151st anniversary of the 13th amendment abolishing slavery in the u. s. and the un working group urging the united states to confront and deal with its history of racism. the group says the u. s. needs to offer reparations to descendents of slaves, create a national human rights commission, and publicly acknowledge the slave trade, the institution of slavery and
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decades of jim crow were crimes against humanity. the group is scheduled to present a report on racism in the united states to the un human rights council in geneva in september. the taliban claiming responsibility for a suicide car bombing in afghanistan's capital of kabul. one person killed and 16 wounded. the police and militarized forces which patrol the urban area in fight against the taliban was the target of the attack los angeles fire investigators say propane tanks and other combustible materials fueled this industrial fire this morning. hundreds of firefighters on the scene since 5:00 this morning trying to keep it from spreading. no injuries reported. at least it's not snowing. allyson rae up next and how showers moving and can impact the drive home tonight. >> look at the temperatures. i just got a call from dan who says that 67 degrees here.
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topping today's health alert researchers look out blood pressure drugs may be effective in treating alzheimer's. hypertension is a risk factor for the disease because it disrupts blood flow to the brain. a team at georgetown university found blood pressure drugs can reverse cell damage and delay alzheimer's. social media can have emotional and psychological benefits but in some cases nothing beats the value of face- to-face interaction. researchers studies a group of
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women under stress and found in- person support was significantly better than text messaging. more parents playing video games with their children. that's according to the findings of a new survey as jill wagner tells us parents say it gives them the ability to control what their kids are seeing. >> you can go this way. >> reporter: most saturday mornings 6-year-old caitlin's plays video games with her father. >> she looks forward to it on the weekends. to start our weekend off doing that. >> reporter: it's a common trend. the consultant for magnet interviewed 3000 parents in front of the kids play video games 92% of parents play with them.>> it's not just a core device for hard-core gamers. this is a family device. we like to think of it as the next new kitchen table in the
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family. >> reporter: the survey finds a majority of parents prefer the kids play with consoles that are easy to monitor rather than on computers, smart phones or tablets. also they found that more than three quarters of parents say the primary reason they play games is to spend time with kids. caitlin's mother agrees and everyone in the family has busy schedules. >> when we have time together we like to do things she enjoys. she enjoys other activities too. we have fun together and like it. >> reporter: her parents encourage her to play educational games so she is learning while having fun. jill wagner cbs news, new york. >> the same family gaming survey found more women are playing video games. 51% of all gamers are women in that number increased 3% from a survey in 2012. parts of california recovering from a powerful weekend storm which killed one person. in some parts of the state rain fell at an inch and hour. the downpours caused flooding and triggered mudslides. heavy winds left behind the path of damage. in pacific beach a tree fell
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across the roadway hitting several cars in one driver crushed inside. the same storm brought strong wind gusts to san diego which cause the scaffolding to come down. the winds started the written -- the red swinging back and forth and it was attached to an apartment building before it collapsed. no one was hurt. further north in california's higher elevations the storm led to several inches of snow. it turned interstate 80 into a sheet of ice. at 20 fark is a 25 car pileup caused the highway to be closed in both directions that they nevada state line. the squaw valley was so bad to our buses with chains on their tires could not through. let the good times roll is what you will hear in new orleans this week.
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the last week of carnival debauchery before ash wednesday. mardi gras next tuesday but levelers barely wait to get in the spirit of the party when it comes to food. third annual king cake festival served up sweet treat sunday and the choice is between an unfilled cake or one with pralines or cream cheese filling. others find more unusual ways to get a king cake fix. >> we've had a lot of traditional king cakes. we have donut king cakes. we have a king cake smoothie. >> there is even king cake flavored coffee. the people's choice award went to maurice's bourbon street in cake and proceeds go to a local children's hospital. the excitement for super bowl 50 building in san francisco. the broncos and panthers arrive sunday and events all over the bay area kick off this weekend. more from san francisco.>> reporter: the nfl experience. super bowl city. >> we want to welcome you and thank you and most importantly want you to have fun. >> reporter: people got marching over the weekend. people from around the san
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francisco area came to play. like jennifer who is not shy about getting into the game or who she is rooting for. >> i'm super excited. i'm here for the broncos. were going to score a touchdown and spiked the ball. >> reporter: security is tight and officers with long guns and trust in swat gear are easily noticeable. it didn't stop thousands from coming up. >> we have tens of thousands every day and probably 1 million people in the entire region over the course of super bowl week. >> the weekend was a touchdown for locals and a nice head start ahead of all the thousands of football fans headed into town. >> reporter: most events of interactive exhibits, games, and places to take a selfie. for most families it's all about having fun together. >> this is awesome!
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we are a big football family obviously. >> reporter: the city got into the spirit. they let the bay bridge and set off fireworks kicking off a week of memorable moments ahead of super bowl 50. cbs news san francisco. >> we are six days away from the big game. join us every day leading up to kickoff for a behind-the-scenes look at what to expect at the game and of course you can watch it right here on wusa9. allyson says the weather in san francisco will be pretty nice. >> sometimes san francisco weather can be tricky and it's really cold. it's sunny and then you can get sunburn and you are cold at the same time. it's weird weather out there. it looks pretty nice from my perspective here in dc. we're looking at good weather right now, have you been outside? it's gorgeous. it will soon change. we will have showers pushed through for the afternoon and
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early commuters home. if you are one of the folks that don't go home from work until 7:00 or 8:00 you won't deal with the showers. it's so nice. 59 degrees in winds starting to turn. we're looking at 50 degrees now , 54 manassas, 47 in hagerstown. near 70 degrees for the first day of february. is this remarkable? we need the snow to melt and go our way before the heavier rain arrives wednesday. we need a chance to evaporate so we don't have river or creek flooding with heavier rains wednesday. it's not a lot of rain. it's a consistent light rain coming through during the afternoon. not expecting moments of heavy rain. it will just come through and if we see heavy rain it will be
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here farther north and west. once the progresses to the south and east it breaks apart a little bit and becomes lighter. so for hagerstown through cumberland pockets of heavier rainfall but through winchester this will move over slightly what time are we looking at qwex mid afternoon for the dc area around 2:50 through the beltway and through rockville. 2:20 so anytime after 2:00 areas around the district will see showers. it's out of here by 6:00 or 7:00 . lingers through southern maryland. here come the showers and then temperatures tonight dropping down to call the 30s in most areas. 3:00 showers approach and by 4:38 breaks apart and light for the most part. school buses on the way home a few showers and kids might need an umbrella heading home from the bus stop but by 6:30 it's
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southern land south of fredericksburg. we will cool off and most areas they above freezing. however areas in hagerstown watch out for icy spots. temperatures into the 20s first thing tomorrow morning. tuesday looks great. lots of sunshine and cooler but above average in the upper 40s with an onshore wind. clouds increase as the sun goes down and by wednesday second chance for showers in the work week. this is more significant and some spotty showers in the morning. heavier rain and thunderstorms pushed through much of the day wednesday. temperatures hit the 50 degree mark and fall fa
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tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00 will have the latest on the 2 maryland teens charged with the murder of a 13-year- old girl and will hear from the parents of the fallen montgomery county police officer and new information what's being done to stop the spread of the zika virus. that's tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00. you can use your wusa9 app to trap the showers headed your way this afternoon. it's almost 60 degrees and unbelievable. enjoy it for the first day of february bit harsh but tomorrow upper 40s and sunshine. clouds increasing and again wednesday more of a weather maker with good steady rainfall heavy at times and thunderstorms. temperatures peak into the 60s. we will stay in the 40s. it's not too cold. it's just right. that's it for wusa9 news. we will be back at 5:00.
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